#RightByHer: Introducing Strong Women. Part 1: Rukia Abdallah

Who are the stunning women you see on #RightByHer? In our blog series, we introduce one strong woman at a time. Today, meet Rukia Abdallah Sebit.

A radiant smile, an energetic vibe. Can you guess what Rukia Abdallah Sebat dedicates her life to?

“As much as I have different mentors and role models,
my mom has played a major role in me being the woman I am today.
It has never been easy and I have seen the struggle she went through in bringing us up,
ensuring we were on the right track in life.
And if she didn’t raise us in this background, I wouldn’t have been the person I am today.”

Learning from her mother and other strong role models, she grew up to be one herself.
Now, she stands right by those who need her support: the younger generation.

“My dream is to see a better future
not only for me but also for the upcoming generations,
where people can deal with the things
that come with awareness in globalization and technology”. 

Rukia Abdallah Sebit works as a teacher in Kibera, Nairobi.

She was photographed by Brian ‘Storitellah’ Otieno, who portrayed women in his neighbourhood for the #RightByHer Communications Campaign.

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