#RightByHer: Introducing Strong Women. Part 2: Daphne Adhiambo

We stand #RightByHer, but who is She? In our blog series, we introduce one strong woman at a time. Today, meet Daphne Adhiambo.

Communication is key. Who would know that better than Daphne Odhiambo, a young activist dedicated to talk about HIV and AIDS?
Her decision to focus on these topics has been very personal:

My mother has been HIV positive for 18 years now.
I have seen her struggles over the years and that’s why I do my best to campaign
against new HIV infections among women and girls.
I raise awareness on one-on-one encounters,
and I meet with a group of young women every month.

Holding a degree in Information Technology, now studying Early Childhood Education, Daphne has achieved much.
As a mentor, she stands right by girls and women in her neighbourhood, coaching them to fight for their goals:

I have so much hope for young women and girls living in
Kibera. My goal is to make a difference in the lives of
children and girls especially those from less privileged
backgrounds, affected or infected with HIV. I want to
mentor the youngsters in my community, see more girls
from Kibera finish secondary school and achieve
their dreams in life.

Daphne Odhiambo, 23, was photographed by Brian ‘Storitellah’ Otieno who portrayed women in his neighbourhood for the #RightByHer Communications Campaign.

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