Hamza Ahmed, 76

#RightByHer: Introducing Strong Women. Part 3: Hamza Ahmed

We stand #RightByHer, but who is She? In our blog series, we introduce one strong woman at a time. Today, meet Hamza Ahmed. 

Hamza Ahmed, 76

76 year old activist Hamza Ahmed is a powerful voice on women’s and girls’ issues in the neighbourhood of Kibera, Nairobi.

In my years I have come across several cases of sexual violence and harassment on women and girls in my community. Most of these cases would go unreported because women were ashamed to come out and speak. Also, at the local police station, the officers on duty were always men and women would be afraid to go and report.

Determined to change the situation, Hamza founded the Mchanganyiko Women Group in 2000 along with 49 other women, which helps to bring women together and advocate for peace in building the community.

We advocated that there should be a “women desk” at the police station and women would go and report to other female officers stationed there who were equally aware on how to handle such cases of gender-based violence.

Hamza Ahmed, 76, was photographed by Brian ‘Storitellah’ Otieno who portrayed women in his neighbourhood for the #RightByHer Communications Campaign.




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