Best moments of the Africa Regional Dialogue: Bob Marley stands #RightByHer

No Woman No Cry: improving the situation of women was the main goal of the Africa Regional Dialogue 2018. More than 150 state and non-state actors united in Nairobi to discuss a new in-depth report, titled ‘State of African Women’. Focusing on 4 rights areas, the report is the informative key piece of the #RightByHer communications campaign. View the best moments of the #ARD2018, and find out what Bob Marley has got to do with it…

1) Inspiring speeches 

“We have to make sure to leave no one behind, to take these findings seriously. And we need them to translate into practice”, said Ms Keiso Matashane-Marite from the Economic Commission for Africa. The event attracted numerous high-level speakers from Africa and Europe who delivered talks or discussed in panels on stage.

2) Lively twitter discussions

Participants made quite some twitter noise under the hashtags #rightbyher and #ARD2018. The conversation continues under #rightbyher – we invite you to add your voice!

3) Enthusiastic attendees

Around 150 people from the non-governmental and governmental sectors travelled to Kenya from all over Africa, Europe and Asia to discuss the key findings of the report. It focuses on four areas: sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender-based violence against women (GBVAW), Harmful Practices (particularly Female Genital Mutilation and Early & Forced Marriage), and HIV & AIDS. On the 15th birthday of the Maputo Protocol, the report notes that gender equality in Africa is an unfinished business. Attendees at the event proudly committed to translating the
report into practical advocacy work.

4) Intensive group sessions

In working groups, participants jumped right into exploring the report. The report analyzes numerous successful case studies of the last years, while noting that the overall gap between policy and reality remains big. Organized by key topic and language, the groups worked on drafting solutions to this challenge…

… and presented them on stage. Concerned and attentive faces were often seen at this gathering of truly committed people, thirsty to learn from each other.

5) Bob Marley’s role in the launch 

Still, there was enough room for laughter and fun, like the moment of the launch celebration. When the sound of Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ filled the hall, everyone started to dance and smile. Researchers, contributors and supporters of the report gathered around a decorated mega version, cut the ribbon and signed it with hopeful messages for the future.

The full digital version of the State of African Women report, as well as all individual chapters, will be uploaded soon.

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