Thoughts of Her: A Poem by Beatrice Ahere

Thoughts of Her: A Poem by Beatrice Ahere

Right By Her

The photo shows two women, one in a red dress with black headscarf, the other one in coloured dress, from behind, walking through a slum in Nairobi.
Symbolic photo by Brian Otieno / Storitellah

It started as an idea

An idea that brought many thoughts together

Thoughts that believed in her

Thoughts that believed in her right

Her right to be

Her right to just be herself

Her right to explore who she wants to be, there are no limits for her

Her right to make her own decisions without fear

Her right to learn and be whoever and whatever her heart desires

Her right to be a child, play and just be free to experience childhood in her setting

with no fear of her body being mutilated in the name of culture or tradition

Her right to marry when she wants and who she wants

Her right to plan and have her family when her maternal clock decides and she feels she is ready

Her right to lead if that is what she desires, her contribution is important and she is a born leader

Her right to speak her mind without fear, she does have something to say

Her right to do the work that her passion drives her to and be rightfully paid for her time on the job

Her right to think outside the box and not be judged by what society says should be her thoughts

Her right to wear what she wants with confidence, her dress her choice

Her right to Justice may the need arise, she shouldn’t be a victim, she is a survivor

Her right to have all her rights the way the universe intended, it is a universal declaration

Her right to be uniquely her

And so they came together, from her home, from her country, from her continent and around the world

They knew her rights must be upheld, today and tomorrow for her to take her rightful place, an equal partner in the walk of life

They became a team, the right by her team

She for her and He for Her

A team telling her story, the way it is

A team bringing her voice to the table for her to speak her mind and for her reality to be visualized

A team working to push her country people to be accountable for what they signed and committed to do for her

A team not afraid to work for her

Work for her rights

She is truly worthy of the fight

Fearfully and wonderfully made and rightfully here



The poem Thoughts of Her was written during the #RightByHer communications workshop in Nairobi, November 2018 by our team member Beatrice Ahere, Programme Officer at YWCA Kenya. 

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