The Winner of our Instagram Competition 2019!

We are absolutely delighted to announce our WINNER of the Instagram competition 2019.

We asked you to post an Instagram post that explains why you think GENDER EQUALITY is important and you did not disappoint us! We were stunned by the many entries we received and the five judges (details below) found it pretty hard to come to a decision. The criteria used to judge was the level of creativity and thoughtfulness that went into the entry, and how inspiring the entry was.

So without further ado, we are happy to announce the TOP THREE entries below. THANK YOU again for everyone that entered. We are so impressed with your work!

Winner: Elizabeth Awori, Uganda

Here is a Quote from Judge, Brian Otieno, a professional photographer with work featuring in the New York Times:

This was a powerful and well-thought photo series. The photographer was fully and deeply present in documenting the day to day life of Jennifer. I can say a large portion of the images are very strong and tells the story of this particular woman very well, and the different people she interacts with while she’s at work. They capture the very essence and spirit of gender equality and the people who are thriving in breaking the barriers within. This is wonderful, well deserved and congratulations, Elizabeth.

And here is a little bit about the winner herself!

I am Elizabeth Awori. I am a teacher, writer and photographer. I grew up in my hometown Tororo, in Eastern Uganda. It has a lovely rock that makes it a very photogenic place. From an early time, I used to look up at this rock and would love the sight of clouds behind it. I think this was the beginning of my journey in photography since I’d stop the motorcyclist who was carrying me just so I could take pictures of the rock. They were not as good as I wanted them to be since my phone camera wasn’t the best but when I encountered a professional camera sometime last year I fell in love instantly.

I never got the opportunity to learn until early this year when a friend invited me to participate in their mobile film school training in Gulu, which teaches people practical and technical media production skills. The first time I went to Gulu, I met a female boda rider. It was about midnight, but here was a boda woman offering to take me. I was amazed but too tired from the 8-hour trip to ask her questions. When I went back to Gulu for the third time, I had to look for her or at least any other female boda. I needed to hear her story. When I sat down with Jennifer Amony, (whose pictures I entered into the competition) I realized a story like hers needed more than words for it to be told effectively so I put my new skill (photography) to use. It was a little challenging but the entire experience was worthwhile. I was inspired by how she’s managed to not only enter but also stay in an occupation believed to be for men. If we keep breaking the barriers society builds for us, there’s no telling how much we shall accomplish.

Elizabeth has won a Nikon D5600 camera and will receive it over the next weeks. Keep an eye on the blog for photo evidence J


Second Place:Vanessa Blanco, Venezuela

Vanessa Virginia Blanco Mejía, is aged 21 and from Caracas, Venezuela Vanessa is a performing arts student.

Here is a quote from our judge, James Ngechu, Communication, Design and Media Officer, IPPF Africa Region, to explain what really stood our for us in Vanessa’s entry:

Without any spoken word, Venessa’s video conveys how barriers like gender inequality hinder the progress of women and young girls in the world. Her presentation is simple yet powerful. Her ability to create different scenes from the same shot is quite refreshing in its balance of creativity and novelty. Her dream of a world where women’s rights are upheld is clear. A message well delivered but needed a synopsis that zeros in on one theme with a clear reference to data. Finally, this is a clarion call to us all – we should foster gender equality so that all human beings (be it male, female or any other) can thrive and achieve their utmost potential. Kudos to you Venessa for the majestic piece!

Third: Elise Kenimbeni, Cameroon

Here is a quote from our judge Ernest Kirimi, Communications Officer, Young Women’s Christian Association of Kenya, explaining what impressed us about this entry:

“Elise from Cameroon uses a creative video to show her belief that the key to transforming Africa into the global powerhouse of the future lies in Gender Equality. Her entry invokes a deep sense of emotion and a call to action that each household has a responsibility to ensure that a girl’s voice is heard and her rights upheld by the society.”

List of judges

Jemima Jordan: Communications Officer for Right By Her

Shane O’Halloran, Communications Manager for DSW

Brian Otieno, Photographer

James Ngechu, Communication, Design and Media Officer, IPPF Africa Region

Ernest Kirimi, Communications Officer, Young Women’s Christian Association of Kenya


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