We are eight organizations working towards one common goal: to realize and extend women’s rights across Africa.

Most countries in the African Union have already signed progressive policy commitments such as the Maputo Protocol and the Maputo Plan of Action. However, their implementation lags behind.
#RightByHer works to close the gap between policy and reality. We inform via research, strengthen civil society through capacity development, and stimulate conversations through digital campaigns. 

The #RightByHer Project is led by International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region (IPPF ARO) and funded by the European Union. The #RightByHer partner organizations are a unique coalition of youth-serving organizations, feminist groups, SRHR professionals, and faith-based organizations. Each contributes their own area of expertise and works with specific groups across the entire African continent: youth activists, journalists, faith leaders, women’s rights activists, first ladies, parlamentarians and policy makers.

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